Welcome to our Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada web site. From this page you can view all of the links to the #1 Island in North America as voted on by the readers of Conde Naste magazine. Vancouver Island has been conveniently organized into a series of tourism regions. Each region promotes its individuality and each regional like also has links to the major cities and towns in each region. Explore our Island region by region and plan your trip. The regions from south to north are:

South Island Region Tourism

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Gulf Islands Tourism

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The North Central Region

The North Island Region


The map above of Vancouver Island shows where it is in relationship to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State USA and Vancouver British Columbia on the mainland of Canada.

Vancouver Island is located to the West of Vancouver British Columbia and the most common way to get to the Island is by Ferry (approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes) from Vancouver. A good portion of the Island is below the 49th parallel (American Border). Vancouver Island is over 460 kilometers long (290 miles). It takes about 6.5 hours to drive from Victoria BC on the south end of the Island to Port Hardy on the north end of the Vancouver Island. There are small towns and cities along the way so you will never be far from the services you need. Although Vancouver Island is well inhabited, there are many places where you will find wilderness. Wild life is abundant throughout the Island.

Vancouver Island has a population of 750,000 plus and stretches southeast to northwest along Canada’s west coast. It starts below the 49th parallel (USA border) and goes well north of Vancouver British Columbia. The west coast of Vancouver Island is open to the wild Pacific Ocean and is cut deeply by fjords (inlets) bordered by mountains. Many of the communities are located along the shoreline or in protected bays and inlets. The eastern shoreline is protected from wind and surf and is much less rugged but rich with forests, farmland, fishing streams, and bustling communities.

On Vancouver Island you can take part in some of the best whale viewing there is. Near Victoria, there are three resident Orca (Killer Whale) pods numbering near 100 that make the area home from May until September. Other whales also frequent the area year round. Near Ucluelet and Tofino there is also excellent whale watching. Grey whale and Humpback whale migrations occur in this part of the Island. There is also a resident Orca population near Telegraph Cove on the northeast part of Vancouver Island. There are excellent caves on Vancouver Island and some very good camping. Trails are everywhere for the hiking enthusiast from serious trails like the West Coast Trail and the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail to pave trails in some towns and cities.

You can golf from one end of Vancouver Island to the other. Vancouver Island has some of the best scuba diving in the world. Places like Race Rocks in the South, Stubbs Island in the North East and great resorts like God’s Pocket can provide you with exceptional diving. You can kayak in protected waters just about anywhere on the Island and what kayaking it is. This is a kayaker paradise. If you like to fish, there is excellent ocean fishing year round. There are also locations with excellent river and stream fishing as well. There are artists and artisans all over the island so wherever you go, you can find something to take home as a “island grown” souvenir. There is great dining all up and down the Island. If you are looking for the best, just ask the locals when you arrive. They are usually a good bet for finding good food. There are no big cities on Vancouver Island, so don’t expect the amenities you would find in major centres like Vancouver.

Most of those amenities like Theatre and great shopping will have to be limited to Nanaimo and Victoria, however you can find some shopping just about everywhere. So, what do you like to do? Well, I will bet there is something you will find enjoyable on our beautiful island. The scenery never ends. It is one of the most beautiful island in the world and it has been recognized by Condé Nast magazine many times. If you are wise, you will take time to enjoy this beautiful island. Once you get a taste, you will come back again and again. Check it out. Along the eastern coast of the Island, there are also many smaller Islands to explore. We call most of these the Gulf Islands. It will take you a lifetime to enjoy all that there is to offer!

The Gulf Islands are situated on the Eastern side of Vancouver Island and these smaller islands range from Sidney BC, just north of Victoria all the way to the Northern tip of Vancouver Island. The southern Gulf Islands go from just north of Sidney to just south of Nanaimo. There are however more islands all the way up the island and all are worth a visit. Many of the Island have incredible view-points. The Northern Group extend from Nanaimo to the North tip of Vancouver Island. Salt Spring Island is the largest and most populated and has a great Saturday market. Each Island has something special and everyone is worth a visit.
The Gulf Island South region consists of:

Southern Gulf Islands
Salt Spring Island Tourism
Galiano Island
Mayne Island tourism
North & South Pender

Saturna Island Tourism
Thetis Island 
Gabriola Island

Northern Gulf Islands 

Malcolm Island
Alert Bay
Cormorant Island
Quadra Island
Cortes Island
Denman Island

Hornby Island

Lasqueti Island
Texada Island 

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