Frankies Modern Diner Downtown Victoria

Frankies Modern Diner Downtown Victoria

  • Posted: Oct 29, 2016
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Frankie`s Modern Diner – Great food, staff and prices!

Fun at Fankies Modern Diner

Fun at Frankie`s Modern Diner


Frankie`s has a great location in the 900 block of Government Street in the heart of the tourist district, just a couple of blocks from the Inner Harbour and near many downtown hotels. The restaurant is spacious with an outdoor patio overlooking Government Street. We were impressed by the great food, accommodating and enthusiastic staff and reasonable prices. The have an extensive menu so there is something for everyone!

Frank the owner brings a wealth of restaurant experience and his chefs have worked in some of the finer restaurants in Victoria. There are several areas in the restaurant for large groups and some offer a bit of privacy. The restaurant is up one floor off Government Street so there is a flight of stairs before you enter the restaurant. Don`t be shy, go on up and check it out. It is tastefully decorated and comfortable. Be sure to check out the glass cooler right at the top of the stairs. It is full of fresh food and some incredible looking desserts.

Staff at Fankies Modern Diner

Staff at Frankie`s Modern Diner- left to right Josee, Diana, Frank with Dillon, and Chef Andrew

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