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SpringTide Whale Tours & Charters 1119 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC
Phone: 250 384 4444, Toll free phone: 1800 470 3474
E-mail: info@SpringTideCharters.com

A SpringTide Whale Watching Tour offers the opportunity to connect with the exceptional Marine Wildlife of British Columbia, all while enjoying the luxury of our 61ft MotorYacht or the thrill of our High Speed Open Zodiacs! Our Ecosystems are home to Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Seals, Eagles and many more. Experience the top-rated tour in Victoria, and have the adventure of a lifetime. Family-owned and successfully opererating since 1994, SpringtTide is conveniently located at Victoria’s beautiful Inner Harbour. Grab the experience of a lifetime. Our whale watching tours leave from Victoira’s vibrant Inner Harbour, seven days a week. Buckle up and get ready to explode your senses through up-close encounters with Southern Vancouver Island’s wild and unforgettable marine life.


  1. Outstanding Access to Local Marine Life: You want whales? We’ve got whales. The local Killer Whales, along with Humpback, Gray and Minke Whales, cruise our waters throughout the year, giving us great success rates!
  1. Our Knowledge of Local Wildlife: Get your cameras ready! This place is a birder’s paradise. The abundant wildlife around Victoria offers you a chance to view seals, sea lions, elephant seals, eagles and more in their native habitats.
  1. An Unforgettable, Award-Winning Experience: You’ll never forget the time you spend aboard with SpringTide. Observing the whales in their natural habitat – and maybe even having them observe you! – will be something you return to again and again. Our guests often tell us that this was a memory of a lifetime, and their favourite activity in Victoria.
  1. Our Commitment to Conservation: We strive to keep our oceans clean by using biodiesel and using environmentally friendly paints on our vessels. But even more than that, SpringTide has a long history as a leader in making the whale watching industry safer for wildlife, and in supporting marine species conservation.
  1. Shipshape Vessels: Choose comfort and viewing flexibility on our high-speed ocean cruiser or an exhilarating ride on a small open zodiac! Whatever you pick, our safe, well-maintained vessels provide you with the best while out on your whale watching adventure.
  1. Our Whale Radar: While it’s not really “radar”, our accurate spotting networks operate from land, water and air throughout the day, ensuring optimal sightings for every trip. Canadian and American observers work together to provide the latest information for our tours.
  1. We Take Safety Seriously: All of our captains and marine biologists are Transport Canada marine safety certified and are highly experienced on our waters. Each of our vessels is fully equipped with the latest in electronics and safety gear. We’ve got decades of seafaring experience under our belts. You’re in the best hands in the business.
  1. We’ve Got Biologists On Board: Your tour is guaranteed to be a learning experience! Our naturalists will provide an engaging biology talk on board about our local marine life: the what, the where, the why and the how. Every one of our naturalists has a special relationship with this magical landscape, and they’re eager to share their love of Vancouver Island with you.
  1. Our Success Rate: Our abundant local wildlife and nimble spotting networks provide us with an outstanding success rate. April through October are terrific months for sightings. Come join us and see for yourself! If you don’t see whales the first time, we’ll get you back out on a complimentary trip. It’s our pleasure.
  2. Our Skippers and Captains: The people who drive our boats are some of the most unique characters you’ll ever meet. Every one of them carries a lifetime of experience out on the water, and a deep passion for sharing the adventure of discovery with you. Get ready to have a great time!

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  • Address: 1119 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC
  • GPS: 48.42567469999999,-123.36987699999997

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