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Cafe Brio

Cafe Brio:  944 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, Phone: 250-383-0009, 250-383-0009 or Toll-Free at 1-866-270-5461.

“Cafe Brio tries to satisfy rather than impress and ends up doing both” – Conde Nast Travel Magazine

Visit us downtown for gourmet cuisine from Vancouver Island in a friendly, relaxing environment.

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From land to sea Café Brio’s menu focuses on regional products. Flavour pairing comes naturally when using products that come from the same region. Sauces are often kept simple or light as not to mask the natural flavours found in our local quality ingredients.

We have strong local farm resources almost year round. Beyond organics my commitment is to BC farms first for produce.

We are also fortunate to be so close to the Pacific Ocean. Local varieties of wild seafood are ordered on a daily basis and freshness is a given as sometimes these fish are literally only hours out of the water. We seldom stray from local varieties as there is fresh fish available year round off the waters of Vancouver Island.

I am a strong believer in supporting and promoting quality Canadian products. Therefore all of our beef is Alberta beef graded AAA or better.

With such a strong bounty of fresh local products and a professional kitchen staff we choose to make everything on our menu from scratch. In that manner we are able to ensure the products are handled properly. Our menu is reprinted daily so that we are able to serve the best possible products in their freshest form.

From the farms to our kitchen to your plate, enjoy!


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