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The Victoria Bug Zoo-631 Courtney Street– Tel: 384-BUGS, Fax: 389 2847, or E-mail:bugs@bugzoo.bc.ca
Located in Downtown Victoria. Come Discover the Amazing world of Insects and Arachnids!The Victoria Bug Zoo is a wondrous place filled with animals that look like they just might be from another planet. All of the animals have at least six legs, none of them have a nose, and some have eight eyes. A visit to the Bug Zoo is Eye-popping, Ants-in-your-pants FUN! Over 30 species of LIVE exotic insects and spiders live at the zoo and an Entomologist (bug scientist) is on-hand to answer questions and provide a safe animal handling experience.


The Bugs Have Arrived!
Welcome to the amazing world of insects and spiders. A visit to this must see zoo offers visitors an excellent opportunity to view and experience multi-legged creatures from around the world in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. Get up close and personal with LIVE giant walkingsticks, alien-eyed praying mantids, hairy tarantulas and glow-in-the-dark scorpions, to name a few. Discover over 40 fascinating species including Canada’s largest ant farm. The knowledgeable “bug guides” will reveal the exotic secrets of this hidden kingdom and provide a safe animal handling experience for the more adventurous. Imagine holding a tickling 400 leg millipede that stretches the length of your forearm! Bring your camera. It’s an unforgettable, hands-on adventure. While in Victoria be sure to crawl, fly or wriggle your way to the Bug Zoo™!

For a unique shopping experience….
visit the Bug Zoo™ Giftshop. You will discover a bugtastic selection of items from the beautiful to the bizarre, wacky to the whimsical, and local crafts to out-of-this-world! It is an entirely different shopping adventure for kids and adults alike. Take home something unique, a pet tarantula, an insect collecting kit, something beautiful for your home, or a colourful Bug Zoo™ t-shirt. Hey, how about a Cricket-Lick-It™bug infused lollipop?

The Bug Zoo™ is located at 631 Courtney Street between Government Street and Douglas Street, just one block north of the Fairmont Empress Hotel (accessible from Humboldt and Douglas Streets through Nootka Court – follow the signs). Wheelchair and stroller access on Courtney Street only. Group rates available.

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