Frankies Modern Diner Downtown Victoria

Frankies Modern Diner Downtown Victoria

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Frankie`s Modern Diner – Great food, staff and prices!

Fun at Fankies Modern Diner

Fun at Frankie`s Modern Diner


Frankie`s has a great location in the 900 block of Government Street in the heart of the tourist district, just a couple of blocks from the Inner Harbour and near many downtown hotels. The restaurant is spacious with an outdoor patio overlooking Government Street. We were impressed by the great food, accommodating and enthusiastic staff and reasonable prices. The have an extensive menu so there is something for everyone!

Frank the owner brings a wealth of restaurant experience and his chefs have worked in some of the finer restaurants in Victoria. There are several areas in the restaurant for large groups and some offer a bit of privacy. The restaurant is up one floor off Government Street so there is a flight of stairs before you enter the restaurant. Don`t be shy, go on up and check it out. It is tastefully decorated and comfortable. Be sure to check out the glass cooler right at the top of the stairs. It is full of fresh food and some incredible looking desserts.

Staff at Fankies Modern Diner

Staff at Frankie`s Modern Diner- left to right Josee, Diana, Frank with Dillon, and Chef Andrew

Frankie prepared a special meal for us so we could try samples from the breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menus. Frankie`s is open from early morning to late in the evening, hours, dependent upon the season.

Frankie’s advertises that   everything is made in house, by hand and from scratch, and as Frank says, just like Momma did. They even make their own orange juice, iced tea and lemonade by hand.

Naturally we started with breakfast and refreshing Mimosas. We were served a West Coast Eggs Benedict with lemon cream cheese, local smoked salmon, avocado, lemon chive hollandaise, and crispy capers. I have a thing about eating English Muffins that I cannot cut with a sharp knife. These were light and fluffy, not tough at all. The `Benny was absolutely delicious, one of the best I have ever had. The menu lists Mimosas at a value price of $5.00.

Food at Fankies Modern Diner

Food at Frankies Modern Diner

From the lunch menu we were served Frankie`s Turkey Club consisting of house-roasted turkey breast, maple bacon, avocado, tomato, arugula, and salsa verde aioli on grilled focaccia. The fresh and delicious focaccia bread is from Portofino Bakery, a local firm providing excellent baked goods. We were also served pizzas, a Margarita with house-made marinara sauce, roasted Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, mozzarella, and fresh basil, and a Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza consisting of spicy Italian pepperoni, house-made marinara sauce, sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, and arugula. Both were super delicious!

Our next course was dinner and we were treated to Frankie`s Meatballs made with a ground veal, pork and beef mixture stuffed with bocconcini cheese, then simmered in Frankie`s marinara sauce with basil and parmigiano. The meat balls were served with fresh cut Kennebec fries tossed with parmigiano, garlic, and parsley. I tend not to order fries unless they are Kennebec as they are the best going! This is another winning recipe from Frankie`s family.

Last of all but not least, dessert! Our party ordered every dessert on the menu including classic key lime pie, New York style cheese cake, molten chocolate cake and apple pie. I ordered the apple pie which was delicious; however I have to give the winning nod to the molten chocolate cake. It is hard to beat warm melted chocolate within a little chocolate cake. What a deal at $4.00.  And it is made with gluten free flour for the gluten sensitive customer who enjoys a great dessert.

Deserts at Frankie`s Modern

Deserts at Frankie`s Modern

Frankie`s has an short but refined drinks menu. They specialize in retro cocktails and offer Happy Hours. Certainly try their Mimosas. Another recommendation from our party was the Purple Cowboy Cabernet Sauvignon! Weird name but amazing wine!

On past visits, I was surprised and impressed with the fish and chips prepared with crispy tempura batter served with fresh cut Kennebec fries, apple fennel slaw, and house-made tartar sauce. Linda has dietary restrictions and our server brought her some of the apple fennel slaw instead of the pizza course. Lovely, fresh, crunchy and refreshing!

We feel very comfortable in recommending Frankie`s to friends and visitors coming to Victoria. There are lots of suitable items on the menu for children too. Give it a try and you will be sure to love Frankie`s. The food was really fresh and tasty as advertised!

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